Agri-Cultural Renaissance

During the summer of 2013, local artist-painter Brigitte LeBouthillier met up with signer songwriter Caroline Savoie as well as ALVA Farm owners and producers Eva Rehak and Alain Rousselle to discuss and explore the similarities between being an artist and a farmer. Hosted by Jean Sébastien Levesque, exerpts from these discussions was broadcasted on the airwaves of BO FM and CJSE Radio Beauséjour.

Brigitte LeBouthillier

Following these conversations, Brigitte LeBouthillier created a 25 foot painting entitled «nourris mon âme» (nourrish my soul) that is permanently on display at the Dieppe Market, Caroline Savoie wrote a song «Le Bon Chemin» that was launched at the Dieppe Harvest Festival.

Carline Savoie

Agriculture, visual arts and music. “Three different fields that nourish our souls”

Alain Rouselle, Eva Rehak, Carline Savoie, Brigitte LeBouthillier, Jean Sebasient Levesque

If you buy products that are made here, be it a tomato, a song or a piece of art, it is going to be better and authentic

Inspired by these heart to heart discussions, Eva and Alain from ALVA farm are pursuing their passion of growing great organic vegetables.


Alain Rouselle & Eva P. Rehak from Alva Farms

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