Poutines râpées et pets de soeurs

Pets de soeurs

Régis Brun, écrivain, historien et archiviste acadien bien connu, nous a accordé une entrevue où il raconte comment nos ancêtres se nourrissaient en Acadie. Voici un extrait qui porte sur les poutines râpées et les pets de soeurs…

Régis Brunhttps://soundcloud.com/la-r-colte-de-chez-nous/poutines-ra-pe-es-et-pets-de









Voici quelques recettes des fameux pets de sœurs… Plus simple et moins long que vous ne le croyez.

Pets de soeurs de RicardoRecette de pets de sœurs de Ricardo : http://bit.ly/1fhGQNG







Pets de soeurs de Rose-MadeleineRecette de pets de sœurs de Rose Madeleine : http://bit.ly/17OSRWM

La conservation des pommes


Régis Brun, écrivain, historien et archiviste acadien bien connu, nous a accordé une entrevue où il raconte comment nos ancêtres se nourrissaient en Acadie. Voici un extrait qui porte sur la conservation de la pomme…

Régis Brunhttps://soundcloud.com/la-r-colte-de-chez-nous/conservation-des-pommes









Pommes séchées

Vous trouverez des pommes séchées à la Ferme Marcel Goguen à Cocagne et membre de La Récolte de Chez Nous… une savoureuse collation santé qui remplace bien les croustilles (chips).






Pouding aux pommes et à l'érableCette recette de Pouding aux pommes et au sirop d’érable est délicieuse lorsqu’elle est tiède avec un léger filet de sirop d’érable : http://bit.ly/1fhxdP1


Magnetic Hill Winery wins 4 medals!

Magnetic Hill Winery received 4 medals in the Atlantic Canadian Wine Awards!!!

GOLD for Reflections (fruity blend of blueberries, strawberries and rhubarb.) and Mystique (cranberries). BRONZE for Mascaret (Blueberries). Best Fruit wine: Magnetic Hill Reflections. Congratulations to Janet and Jeff Everett and their great team !


Magnetic Hill Winery a rapporté 4 médailles au Atlantic Canadian Wine Awards!!!

Médaille d’OR pour Reflections (bleuets, fraises et rhubarbe) et Mystique (canneberges). Médaille de BRONZE pour Mascaret (bleuets). Meilleur vin de fruits : Magnetic Hill Reflections. Félicitations à Janet et Jeff Everett et à toute leur équipe !

Magnetic Hill Winery and B&B
860, ch. Front Mountain,
Moncton, NB
(506) 384-9463

website: http://www.magnetichillwinery.com/

facebook: http://on.fb.me/X1bvWu





Richibucto River Wine Estate wins 3 medals!

Richibucto River Wine Estate received 3 medals in the Atlantic Canadian Wine Awards!!!

GOLD for 2010 Eterno (dry red). GOLD for 2011 Serenity (semi-dry white). SILVER for 2011 L’Acadie Blanc (semi-dry white). Congratulations to Alan Hudson and his great team !

Their Marechal Foch Reserve and their new white wine Serenity were featured at the Kent Enterprise’s Annual Gala Dinner at Le Pays de la Sagouine in Bouctouche, along with chicken from Springbrook Farm! What a night!


Richibucto River Wine Estate a rapporté 3 médailles au Atlantic Canadian Wine Awards!!!

Médaille d’OR pour 2010 Eterno (rouge sec). Médaille d’OR pour 2011 Serenity (vin blanc demi-sec). ARGENT pour 2011 L’Acadie Blanc (vin blanc demi-sec). Félicitations à Alan Hudson et à toute son équipe !

Leur Marechal Foch et leur nouveau vin blanc Serenity ont été servis au repas du Gala annuel d’Entreprise Kent au pays de La Sagouine de Bouctouche ainsi que le poulet de la Ferme Springbrook. Quelle belle soirée!

Richibucto River Wine Estate
940, Route 495,
Mundleville, NB
(506) 523-9056


Uber-local dining

Interesting article in Here magazine (published Thursday July 19th, 2012)

Chef Stefan Müller of Delta Beauséjour in Moncton has offered a seasonal 100-mile menu  for the fourth year in the hotel’s Windjammer restaurant. He grows a garden on the hotel rooftop and uses products from the garden and from local farmers, among them Verger Belliveau Orchard and Springbrook Farm of The Really Local Harvest co-op.


Uber-local dining : 100-mile menu provides fresh dishes, supports local producers

 by Victoria Handysides

Chef Stefan Müller kneels and reaches into the centre of a lefty row of potted plants lining the Delta Hotel’s downtown rooftop. He pinches a ripe yellow tomato, gently twists it off the plant and holds it out in offer.

“This is when they’re best. Fresh off the plant and still warm,” he says.

The little yellow tomato is the first Müller’s picked so far this year. Soon, the rows of radishes, beans, potatoes, carrots, greens and herbs will be harvested and added to delicate dishes at the hotel’s Windjammer restaurant, a four-diamond, suit-and-tie eatery featuring a delectable 100-mile menu until the end of the growing season.

“It’s a lot fresher than what’s stuck in transportation for days, weeks or even months,” Müller said, dissecting a few dishes on the full menu, which features four full pages of appetizers, soups, salads, entrees and desserts.

This marks the fourth year the Windjammer has offered a seasonal 100-mile menu. Müller says each year he and his kitchen staff concoct new dishes as an exercise in discovery. Recent searches for local ingredients have unearthed locally grown wild rice and curry plants.

Müller, a German-born executive chef, admits when he arrived in New Brunswick, he assumed seafood was the extent of food produced on the East Coast. The menu’s vast variety regularly surprises diners. Most don’t realize proteins like quail (from Petitcodiac), boar (from Knightville) and foie gras (from Cormier Village) can be found within a short drive from Moncton, he says.

Sourcing local raw foods is costlier and leaves the restaurant at the mercy of supply, which isn’t always readily available. Smaller-scale producers take more time to raise animals and grow vegetables, but the payoff comes when dishes are plated.

“They’re not produced in such volumes with growth hormones, so it takes a little bit longer to raise the animals. But at the same time, they have a much happier life,” he said. “They grow up the way they’re meant to, not in cage.”

Since the resto is a season-long, regular customer, the local producers the Windjammer supports (including Belliveau Orchard, Springbook Farms and the Moncton Fish Market) can rely on consistent revenue coming from the restaurant.

“You leave the money in the community and give the producers’ employees work. It’s a win-win for the community,” Müller said.

The closest producer supplying the downtown hotel’s local menu is a mere service elevator ride from the Windjammer’s dining room. The restaurant operates a large rooftop garden complete with busy bee hives, brimming with rich, golden honey. The garden has been there for four years, and it’s been growing in size each year.

While the garden won’t produce near enough to supply the restaurant’s entire 100-mile menu season, Müller says there’s a different kind of satisfaction in growing vegetables from seeds in early spring, watching them grow, harvesting in the summer and creating original recipes.

“It’s a lot of fun,” he said.


To check out the Windjammer’s 100-mile menu, visit the restaurant inside the Delta Beausejour, 750 Main St. Moncton. For reservations, call 877-7137.


Canada Day Celebration at Magnetic Hill Winery!

This Canada Day brings plenty to celebrate about, especially on a property as old as Confederation! As the sun goes down and the stars come out, come cherish history with us over a musical-filled evening starting at 8pm with an in-depth tasting of 6 heritage wines made right here on site, paired with cheese and crackers. As the fireworks light up the sky, enjoy a fresh strawberry shortcake, tea and coffee. Finish off this special Canada Day with a live band and the best views of the fireworks from the balcony overlooking the city of Moncton. Purchase your tickets in advance for $25.
Tel : (506) 384-9463
email : info@magnetichillwinery.com

Looking for a Family Farmer? / Cherchez-vous un fermier de famille?

Ruth and Kent Coates, Nature’s Route Farm


Healthy, Fresh, Economical and Great Tasting Vegetables – Weekly!

Choose vegetables you like and try a few new ones. Take home 6 – 8 in season vegetables every week.


Des Légumes Sains, Frais, Économiques, et Délicieux à Chaque Semaine!

Choisissez les légumes que vous préférez et essayez de nouvelles variétés. Apportez 6 – 8 légumes de saison chaque semaine.


Moncton:  Jeudi / Thursday : 4-6pm (St Pat’s Community Centre)

Sackville: Mardi / Tuesday 4:15-6pmJeudi / Thursday 4:15-6pm, Samedi / Saturday 9-11am

DatesMoncton -  5 July – 8 November / 5 juillet – 8 novembre 

Dates : Sackville - 26 juin – 31 décembre / 26 June – 31 December

Cost / Coût : Moncton $20 par semaine / per week . Sackville $15 par semaine / per week

We grow all the vegetables we sell. Our practices respect the environment, your health and our health. Find more details on our web site.

Nous cultivons tous les légumes que nous vendons. Nos pratiques respectent l’environnement, votre santé ainsi que la nôtre. Trouvez les détails sur notre site web. Trouvez les détails sur notre site web ou appelez-nous, Kent ou Ruth Coates.

For more information, call us, Kent or Ruth Coates, or visit our web site !


Phone : 506-536-3562

Address: B.P. 6354, Sackville, NB E4L1G6

Magnetic Hill Winery and B&B opening Saturday, May 19th!

Magnetic Hill Winery and B&B will be opening Saturday, May 19th for the season, every day until Christmas day. A great experience is after your complimentary tasting, pick out your wine, local cheese and have a picnic on the patio!

The Magnetic Hill Winery and Bed and Breakfast invites guests to spend the night in a beautifully restored farmhouse as old as Confederation, picnic while sipping award winning wines vinted on site while enjoying a panoramic view of Moncton. Bring home a gift made by local artists!

Magnetic Hill Winery and B&B
860, ch. Front Mountain,
Moncton, NB
(506) 384-9463

Member of La Récolte de Chez Nous / Really Local Harvest







Magnetic Hill Winery’s new maple wine

Jeff Everett, co-owner of Magnetic Hill Winery and B&B at the Dieppe Farmers’ Market with his new maple wine

Member of La Récolte de Chez Nous / Really Local Harvest




Magnetic Hill Winery and B&B
860 Front Mountain Rd,
Moncton, NB
(506) 384-9463

Magnetic Hill Winery and B&B – Great gift ideas

Janet Everett is co-owner of Magnetic Hill Winery and B&B located in Moncton, NB. She invites you to visit their winery where you can taste their award winning wines, browse their retail store carrying over 100 unique Maritime handicrafts, wine accessories, clothing and preserves.
INFO : (506) 384-9463
Members of Really Local Harvest Co-op